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Creating a Marketing Plan by Your Own-Where to start with ?

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Often in the professional meetings I am asked with this question about how to create a marketing plan, where to start & what best can I suggest to market the health services they deal with?

While it may be good to seek external professional help of the specialists, It is important to pen down your own ideas & thoughts & give direction by your self

I am summing up here few pointers which should help give direction to start ups & new business owners to weave their marketing plans

1. Start with the summary picture:

Begin by writing your marketing plan in a short and clear way. This sets the stage for what's coming.

2. Understand Your Business well:

Think about a quick overview of your company and what you're all about. Note that what makes your offerings special compared to others. Take a moment to encapsulate the essence of your company and its unique value proposition.

3. Know Your Market:

Take a look at your industry, figure out what's happening, and see what your competitors are up to. This helps you see where you fit in.

4. Who's Your Audience?

Describe the kind of people who would need your service. Write down their age, interests, and what problems they need solutions for.

5. Your Strengths and Challenges:

Think about what you're really good at (strengths) and what could use some improvement (weaknesses). Also, look at what's great out there and what could go wrong (opportunities and threats).

6. Goals to Reach For:

Set clear goals for what you want to achieve with your marketing. Make sure they're specific and doable in a certain time.

7. How You'll Get There:

Plan out the main things you'll do to reach those goals. Think about stuff like creating website, writing blogs, using social media, and teaming up with influencers etc

8. What You'll Actually Do:

Break down the steps for each plan. Like, if you're doing social media, say how often you'll post and what you'll post about.

9. Spend Your Money Smartly:

Decide how much money you'll use for each thing you're doing. This helps you not spend too much on one thing and forget about the rest.

10. When Everything Happens:

Make a schedule that shows when each part of your plan will take place. This way, you'll know what's happening and when.

11. Check If It's Working:

Figure out how you'll know if your plan is doing well. Use numbers like website visitors or sales to see if things are getting better.

Incorporating these guidelines will furnish startups and new business owners with a comprehensive framework for conceiving and executing a robust marketing plan tailored to their unique healthcare services.

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